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2015 Gordon Research Conference on RNA Nanotechnology

2013 International Conference of
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A Chinese Poem Composed and Written by Peixuan Guo

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2014 Chinese New Year Music Performed by Peixuan Guo

William Farish Endowed Chair in Nanobiotechnology
Markey Cancer Center, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences,
College of Pharmacy, University of Kentucky
Director, Nanobiotechnology Center, University of Kentucky
Director, NIH/NCI Cancer Nanotechnology Platform Partnership Program:
"RNA Nanotechnology for Cancer Therapy"
Mailing Address:
#BioPharm Building, Rm. 565, 789 S. Limestone
#College of Pharmacy,#University of Kentucky

#Lexington, KY 40536-0596, USA
#Phone: (859) 218-0128(Office); (859) 218-0139 (Lab)
#Email: peixuan.guo@uky.edu


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Treating Cancer with RNA Nanotechnology:

Phi29 Nano-motor:######

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Motor Nanopore:########

Stable RNA for Nanotechnology:

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(NCI Report 2)

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(The News Record) (People's Daily Online

(Nature Nanotechnology)
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Peixuan Guo and coworkers proved the concept of RNA Nanotchnology in 1998, published in Molecular Cell and featured by Cell in the same year. 

Discovery of a New Class of Biomotor with a Revolution Machenism (see movie)

Discovery of First Motor with Revolution Motion in a Virus-killing Bacteria Advances Nanotechnology [Youtube]

Biomotor and RNA Nanotechnology for Medical Applications [Youtube]